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Hand made guitar amplifier cabinets of the highest quality for DIY amp builders.

Style I
Style I (Thick Edge)
Style II
Style II (Thin Edge)
with Valence
Hylight Style
Hylight Style

Video of a Swanson Hylight-style cabinets driven with a VHR kit head.
June 2007 - Swanson Cabinets and DST get a nice mention in Tone Quest Report.
All 1/2" and 3/4" cabinets are dovetailed using a 3/4-inch-wide custom dovetail. A rubber mallet is used to persuade the cabinet shells together along with the water proof expansion glue. Once together the strongest of all wooden joints is created. This costs us extra, but the cabinets can take a lot of abuse and not come apart. An amp will never be destroyed because the cabinet split and it fell out!
The speaker and combo cabinets come in three styles. Style I is the cabinet that has the thick flatter front edge, and looks more like the classic 1960A/B cabinets. Style II is what some call Eric Clapton's combo cabinet or the "BluesBreaker." The Hylight-style cabinets are modeled after the classic Hiwatt cabinets of the 70s.
Note that Style I and II cabinets can have the valence across the top or not, at the customer's discretion. Both styles can also be made as either a straight speaker cabinet, or as a combo cabinet, with cutouts for an amp chassis amd a vent with metal grille.
Note that we can build finished hardwood cabinets as well as custom cabinets in all shapes and sizes. Please call for details.
We are also now a dealer for Celestion, Eminence and WeberVST speakers and can install your choice of speakers in your new cabinet (or sell you just the raw drivers) for extremely competitive prices.

Combo Cabinets 18watt and "Bluesbreaker" amps
Head Cabinets Modeled after classic English designs
Speaker Cabinets In 1x12, 2x10, 2x12 configurations
More Cabinet Designs Including Hylight-style
Custom Cabinets All kinds of cabs!

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