Custom Cabinets

Here is a sample of the different kinds of custom cabinets we have done.

A very different custom head done in a Crocodile motif:
left side    right side

An Express-style cabinet with a custom Cherry front panel:
front view    oblique view    corner detail

A Fender®-style cabinet in black walnut: front view    rear detail

Another Fender®-style hardwood cabinet: front view    rear view

Fender®-style Combo Cabinet (made for a Bandmaster Reverb chassis)
front view    rear inside

Custom Hardwood Cabinets for DST: front view

Wooden-front DST MarWatt front view

1963 Vox AC-30 Cabinet Restoration complete *

Vox Amp Head Restoration before & after *

Head and 2x12 with Round Cutouts front view

Union Jack Combos front view

Combo in Unusual Color Scheme front view

DST Head and 1x15 Cabinet front view

Note: Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

*Note: Vox® Brown & Black Diamond grill cloth is only available for original Vox cabinet restorations and to fit genuine Vox® amplifiers.
Swanson Cabinets has no affiliation with Vox® or Korg USA.

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