Speaker Cabinets


This is a 1x12 style I cabinet with no valance. It has the green/black tolex and "salt and pepper" grille cloth.

A style I cabinet in black tolex, with matching head on top.

A close up of the cabinet showing the basketweave grill cloth.

A pair of style I cabinets, both with the green/black tolex. The top cabinet has tea-stained "offset re-issue" gille cloth and the bottom has the "salt and pepper" cloth.

A custom-ordered cabinet with a removable split back. This can be used as shown (sealed) or the top can be removed for the open-back sound.

The same split back cabinet with the top removed. Note the small boxes on the side walls - see below.

A close up of the cabinet interior showing the side handle box and a WeberVST ceramic Silver Bell.

This picture shows the experimental slot/hole handle, similar to those in old Hiwatt 4x12 cabinets. Small wood boxes inside the holes (seen in the picture above) keep the cabinet sealed when the back is on.

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